Découvrir Toul

The ’Chanottes’ path

In the beginning, the association “Bien Vivre le Toulois” aimed at helping to discover Toul using trails that are forgotten today. Two associations that mark out hiking trails (les Sentiers de la Linotte, North of Toul and les Sentiers des Deuilles, South of Toul) wished to join their hiking trails. This link had to pass through Toul. That is why the three associations created the project “Chemin des Chanottes”.

The choice was made to enter the town and pass by several patrimonial elements.

The name : Chanotte is a very local name and without doubt forgotten by most of us, and that is why the trail was named Chanotte, so as that the name becomes part of our language again.

Chanotte is the name used by earlier generations to name the poppy. The fruit of this flower was used for cooking. Our grandmothers made their quiche with poppy seeds : after being grounded, they put them in the “migaine”. Mothers knew the “soothing” qualities and young mothers put them in the bottle so as to calm the children….

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