Découvrir Toul

The twinning : the town of Toul and Hamm Mitte

The twinning between the town of Toul and Hamm Mitte was signed on the 19th of July 1987.
The two municipalities have taken the “solemn engagement to maintain permanent ties in order to promote exchanges in all areas between the inhabitants and to develop a conscious sense of brotherhood through a better mutual understanding”.
But the first contacts took place in 1965/1966 when young Germans came for a short stay from the Volksbund to Toul to look after the graves of German soldiers buried in the Cemetery of Andilly.
These youngsters were lodged in the Agricultural College. The first contacts are taken and the first sports exchanges between the two towns take place. But relations were brought to a halt in 1997.
The young Germans do not come to Andilly any longer and it is the German Army that maintains the graves of the soldiers in Andilly. Slowly exchanges have been renewed between the sport clubs of the two towns (cycling, judo, canoeing etc.)
The inhabitants of Toul participate as well at the “Celebration” (an animation to promote the area around Toul) in the town center of Hamm-Mitte which is organized by the associations of merchants of the Martin Luther quarter.

Nowadays the town Hamm is twinned with :
- Bradford (GB)
- Chattagnooga (USA)
- Mazatlan (Mexico)
- Neufchâteau (France)
- Santa Monica (USA)
- Toul (France)

You are welcome to visit the website of the town Hamm http://www.hamm.de/